Sunny Seattle!

9.34pm, Tuesday 25th September, Stewart St, Downtown Seattle, Washington State, USA

Yes, folks – the very last ‘hanging on to every bit of sunshine just before Autumn kicks in’ days here in Seattle, and we had one today! We crisscross-crossed the city, through several different neighborhoods – Madison Park, Capitol Hill, Columbia City – across bridges, past the famous Ezell’s (fried ) Chicken (Oprah’s favorite), basically winning hearts and palates for the mother ship Yalumba, left, right and centre.

I just got in from an in-store tasting at Wine World – thanks Ella and Lenny – and am picking up a rental car in the morning, heading for Tacoma for the day, so I’m just going to show you a couple of highlights from our day.

First stop – the dashing wine duo at Belle Epicurean – Howard and Frank – just have a look at the in-house pastry witchcraft thanks to pastry chef Carolyn! If you can resist the samples of mini cinnamon brioches, you’re a better person than I am! If you’re in Seattle and haven’t tried at least one thing from these glass cases … you’re missing out!

Then across to Capitol Hill to meet with Stephanie from the Coastal Kitchen – they’re up to their ears with a massive refit which will see a brand new raw bar up front with a resident oyster shucker. Nice folks, re-opening October 9th, and a top spot!

And last – the lake, and the view of the Space Needle (ex Worlds Fair 1962) from my hotel room. Brilliant day.








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