Seasonal Seattle – Halloween’s coming!

8.57am, Tuesday 25th September, Stewart St, Downtown Seattle, Washington State, USA

Morning, folks, and the seasons have changed!

This morning, ‘Fall’ (or Autumn in our part of the world) is definitely in the air. Good thing I’ve got my trusty Yalumba winter jacket with the high warm collar in my suitcase. And in America, that means that the start of the Festive Season is just around the corner – starting with Halloween. Now on the front label of our Y Series Cabernet Sauvignon, you’ll find a neat sketch of a traditional scarecrow – which represents the seasonal nature of the Barossa Valley, as well as the appearance of traditional scarecrows in the vineyards come March – or our main fruit ripening time. And in a Barossa Vintage Festival year – which is us in 2013 – there are scarecrows of every shape, size, colour and theme. That’s because the Scarecrow Competition has become one of the features of the event. One of my favorites is the mile high ‘keg man’ scarecrow that the boys at the AP John cooperage in Tanunda put together.

So, with this fab front label on the 2010 Y Cabernet Sauvignon, Lillian at Noble Wines – our distributor in Washington State – came up with this poster promotion in her accounts … I like it!

Now I have to fly, as I’m working out and about Seattle with Darrel this morning and James this evening – we have an in store tasting at Wine World – so I’ll see you when it’s much later on.


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