A traveller travels to Boeing to see all those aeroplanes

8.07am, Monday 24th September, Stewart Street, Downtown Seattle, Washington State, USA

Morning, folks, and it’s going to be a sky blue clear day up here in Seattle – September and October are truly THE best time to visit this country. Clear days, cool nights – can’t complain. I’ve just returned the rental vehicle that I used yesterday on my day off – I went up to Everett, north of Seattle – to the Boeing factory.


Because I spend a good deal of my life on aeroplanes and have come to understand the difference between Boeing and the rest! Mind you, for the small regional flights – I’m a big fan of the little Bombardier and Embraer jets! But for the major flights – I’m a Boeing girl. It might have a lot to do with what my New Zealand Air Force mates told me years ago about the extra thrust capacity on take off and braking on landing that Boeing build in – I take notice of that sort of thing! Any rate, I took the opportunity seeing as I had a day and night off yesterday after flying up from Portland on Saturday afternoon – and went on the factory tour.

Up at Everett, Boeing make three aeroplanes – the new longer but quieter and more fuel efficient version of the jumbo jet, the 747-8; the airliner that I spend a lot of time on, which is the wide body 777; and the new space age quiet, fuel efficient, and “we filter the air so you don’t get everyone else’s germs” 787 Dreamliner. Wow! You can’t take photos in the factory, but trust me, it’s an amazing thing to see planes in parts and then how they fit together. As we were waiting to start the tour, a Dreamliner took off on its test flight before being delivered to United Airlines here in the States. It’s a beautiful piece of work – compact, sleek, curved wings, and lifts up effortlessly off an extremely short run. I look forward to my first flight on one of those birds. Apparently Boeing has got so many orders for the Dreamliner that if you wanted to order one tomorrow – and had a cool couple of hundred million to spend – it would be 2019 before it would be delivered. There’s some job security for the folks at the Everett plant!

So thanks Boeing – for letting us see how you do what you do – since 1916 no less – and as their old marketing campaign said …”if it’s not Boeing – I’m not going”.

Here are some photos from my day yesterday, the factory to the left in the first picture, then the paint shop and the ‘flight line’ of jets being finished and tested before delivery to the client. The models are the three planes that I saw being made – top to bottom is the Dreamliner 787, jumbo jet 747, and the wide body airliner 777.

Then, that’s the space needle this morning in the sun at the end of my street.

I’m off to get set for the day – a presentation to the complete Noble sales team – our distributor here in Washington state.






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