Last scenic day in Portland, Oregon

9.42pm, Friday 21st September, SW Morrison St, Portland, Oregon, USA

Evening, folks, and I’m packing up our Oregon section – off to Seattle in Washington State tomorrow. I got in really late last night from our day in Eugene, so the rental vehicle went back today, without a scratch. I took it back via the scenic route, and happened to drive past a very interesting setup called ‘Cartlandia’. It’s a massive get together of food trucks. These food wagons, which are rolling mini restaurants in a lot of cases, are really common over here in America – especially the Mexican Taco Trucks. They’re starting to appear on the streets of Sydney and Melbourne at home – but I’ve never seen anything like this. The wagons are set up on a ‘lot’ around a central outdoor covered dining area, with a satellite sports big screen TV in the middle. I took some photos so that you could see this foodie phenomenon for yourself. Every shape, size and flavor of food wagon – just when you think you’ve seen it all … you haven’t !

Any rate, early night for me, and I’ll see you in Seattle!








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