Driving to Eugene … in a grey jelly bean!

8.12am, Thursday 20th September, Burnside Ave, Portland, Oregon, USA

Morning, folks, just picked up the rental vehicle that we’ll be using for the next couple of days – we’re heading a few hours south of Portland to Eugene – in this little buzz bomb! Bet you didn’t know jelly beans came in grey! Hang on, we’re in Portland , Oregon! Wasn’t that one of the towns in that recently famous blockbuster book “50 Shades of Grey”. I think there’s actually a ‘meet the author’ session for E.L. James at local legend Powells Books this weekend. OK! I’m having my own ‘Shades of Grey’ couple of days with this beaut little car! Wish me luck!


One response to “Driving to Eugene … in a grey jelly bean!

  1. Ferrari Schnitter this takes me back . Way back when Imeson and myself were crusading and kissing babies back in the 1980’s . Mt Hood, lake Oswego, Jakes Crawfish , the RedLion ? All great memories. Eugene, Portland, Salem et al..Microbrews were not invented then, nor Pinot !
    Good luck with the advocacy .After the Barossa Wine Show we are on fire !

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