Don’t miss New Seasons Market – Beaverton – Portland OR

10.05pm, Wednesday 19th September, Yamhill Ave, Portland , Oregon, USA

Evening, folks, I’m just finishing for the day – I’ve been out and about around greater Portland with the 35-year veteran from our distributor here in Oregon (The Lemma Wine Company ) – Mark – and our last event tonight was a massive win! We had an in-store tasting with the folks from New Seasons Market out at Beaverton, an outer suburb of Portland – but this is no ordinary supermarket folks – it’s Special!

Earlier this year, when we were introducing ourselves to the Portland trade, we met the beer and wine steward for this store – Tucker Newell – and he was really enthusiastic about our wines and was keen for us to come and visit next trip and do a tasting … so here we are! Now Tucker had to be out of town, so I was looked after so well tonight by his two-gir,l very wine savvy crew – Tahlia and Kandice. All I had to do was turn up and talk!

Our lineup was:


Now just have a look below at how well this ‘wine department and tasting bar’ is set up. That’s my temporary tasting bench there in front , the nice prominent Yalumba end of the whole front row, and behind that is the tasting bar where you can purchase a bottle, and drink it with your meal or a cheese and meat platter designed from the deli section! How lovely is that!



So we had a long chat to a lot of folks from 4 – 7 pm, and won a lot more hearts and palates for Yalumba here in Oregon! So thanks a huge amount to New Seasons and Tucker, Tahlia and Kandice – that’s Tahlia in the beret minding my bench for a minute – the new wine blog star!


Also my last picture is some nice big holes in the shelves at the end of the event! Yay! I just can’t say enough good things about these tremendous folks, who are so jolly keen on the whole wine and food world … and who do it so well. It’s a treat to be on the shelves, and with any luck we’ll be back to do it all again this time next year. Promise!


Well, it’s lights out now, because we’ll be off early tomorrow morning for the town of Eugene, still in Oregon, as we’ve got people to see and events to do down there. See ya when it’s Thursday!

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