What is Cedar Plank Salmon?

1.53pm, Tuesday 18th September, Wholefoods Bridgeport, near Portland, Oregon, USA

OK Shoppers! I’ve got a new one for you.

We’re showing our Yalumba wines today around the outer suburbs of Portland with Darrell from our local distributor, The Lemma Wine Company:

  • 2011 Y Vermentino
  • 2012 Y Viognier
  • 2012 Y Shiraz Viognier
  • 2010 Bush Vine Grenache
  • Museum Muscat
  • plus the Jansz NV.

I’m in Whole Foods at Bridgeport, and they’ve got a nice selection of our wines on the shelves. It’s actually a really ‘whiz bang’ Whole Foods store – besides the excellent salad bar, they’ve got a gourmet soup and chilli bar, a taqueria , and their own sushi train … in store!

They also do something a bit special in the seafood line called Cedar Plank Salmon, which I think would do very well with our Yalumba Organic Viognier or the brand new 2012 Y Viognier. They take the fillets of wild salmon, then coat them with a combination of garlic, tarragon, basil, paprika, brown sugar, light olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, salt and pepper. Then the fillets are put on short ‘planks’ of Western Red Cedar and put into the oven for a quick dry baking that they call ‘broiling’ here in America. Looks great, tastes better!

Here’s our visit to Whole Foods in pictures – thanks for having us and thanks for the free wi fi!







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