Voodoo in Portland … doughnuts that is!


1.53pm, Monday 17th September, SW Broadway, Portland downtown, Oregon, USA

20120917-140641.jpgAfternoon, folks, and I’ve just escaped from writing up the reports on our events in California to come downtown and find some lunch. Here we are in Portland, everything’s biodegradable, green, earth friendly, organic, the bookstores are bigger than parking lots, the beer is all microbrew, the boys wear their hair a bit longer and mostly without product whipping it up into a frosted meringue – which is a nice change, the wines are mostly Pinot Noir and local, and the public transport is excellent. The MAX electric tram stops just up from my hotel at Jeldwen Field – home of the local legend Major League Soccer team the Portland Timbers, so I have a straight shot downtown. And as luck would have it, the tram line goes right past Voodoo Donuts, hands down the best doughnut shop in the world – in my opinion – after much testing ands comparing done by myself!

So that was my first stop, for the mandatory one Voodoo Doll doughnut whilst I’m in town. They’ve iced them with scary faces for Halloween, and I like it. Then to balance that up, I’ve gone with the local ”Ninja Salad’ for lunch – all good greens and my secret weapon for not getting sick on tour – edamame beans. So it will be back on the tram for me and back to finish reports, an early night, then jam packed days and nights in Portland and Eugene for the rest of the week with our distributor in Oregon – The Lemma Wine Company.

And I’m feeling quite proud of myself, because in this state, the Oregon Liquor Licensing Commission is very hot on responsible service of alcohol, and if you want to present wines at a consumer tasting, you have to have their OLLC certificate to do so. And I received my notification last week that I passed the exam with 100%, and I have my interim ticket to proceed with events! So folks, the Oregonian wine-interested folk are in safe hands this week!

See ya when I have more to report. Here’s the first Portland pics.



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