Now I understand Facebook!

7.33am, Thursday 13th September, The Creamery, Caltrain Depot, San Francisco, CA, USA

Morning folks, back at The Creamery this morning, another Caltrain ride coming up – this time down south to the city of San Jose. They’re expecting 85 degrees F (29 C) there today, and here in San Francisco it’s all wet air – that’s fog folks! – and 55 F or 13 C. Good thing I can do both summer and winter in the same day?

But let’s get to yesterday first. What a day! I didn’t get home until about 10 o clock last night, because our last job of the day was such a success, and Instead of getting the train back to the city from Palo Alto where we were working, Ken ran me down to San Mateo to catch up… there was such interest in the wines from the folks at our Facebook tasting. Now I don’t mean that we conference called on Skype and had everyone look at the same wine in remote locations but joining on a live Facebook site or something hi tech like that. I mean the tasting that we did at Facebook. The headquarters. Where the stuff comes out of the ether to a person like me that’s not very computer tech savvy, and becomes quite amazing reality. I had no idea there was so much involved in just the camera on an I phone! So yep, now I get what Facebook is about, and my new tech best friend Charles is going to help me get a page going. So the blog will go out there into Facebookville I think…..once it’s all sorted.

So from there, let me go backwards through a very tech heavy day, seeing as we were right in the epi centre of it all yesterday. We even drove across the top of the Stanford University ‘Linear Accelerator’, which is a long skinny channel ‘shed’ that stretches either side under the freeway, and apparently whizzes electrons at a rate of knots for miles, with extraordinary results!! It’s almost too much tech in one spot! But nearby you’ll find some magic old school wine and food hospitality with the folks at Enoteca la storia in Los Gatos. They’re Italian specialists, but have the best of the rest of the world on their shelves as well, and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of our 2010 Yalumba Strapper Grenache Shiraz Mataro sitting up there front and centre in excellent company. Thanks goes to Megan and Mike, and I’ll be back for that antipasto plate one day, you can bet on it!

OK, I’d better go and get my train ticket sorted, so I’ll leave you with my ‘dish of the trip’ so far – the ‘Tamarine Prawns’ – “Flash fried jumbo prawns tossed in Tamarine’s signature tamarind sauce served on crisp noodles” – at the red hot Vietnamese style restaurant of the same name on University Avenue (that’s THE sharp address) in Palo Alto. If you’re looking for something to eat with Viognier…..choose this!

And PS. Another reason why I like Facebook……they have their own BBQ shack, right in the middle of their courtyard!

I’d better go…..and I’ll see ya when it’s much later, dark, foggy, and I’m back up in the city late tonight.





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