Welcome to the Fillmore Jazz – my neighborhood … for now

10.34am, Monday 10th September, Sacramento St, Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA, USA

Morning, folks, just about to head out for a day in the San Francisco city trade with the red hot rock’n’roll salesgal Deena Smith. Should be a top day – the sun’s shining, the SFO Giants (local city baseball team – currently traveling very well and looking like they’ll make the finals, which over here is called the ‘post season’) shut out (that means kept the other team from scoring) their arch rivals the Los Angeles Dodgers last night … and we are finishing our work today with the gorgeous Gred from Hog Island Oysters! All is right with the world at the minute. So here’s a quick look at my neighborhood:

Peets coffee and tea – the benches outside are my coffee stop spots, Royal wash and dry – my laundromat, the number 1 bus that takes me straight downtown to the Embarcadero via Chinatown, the Boom Room – down the dodgy end of the street but top live music venue, Sift – my cupcake shop where I found out yesterday that you can buy your favourite icing as shots!, D & M Wine and Liquor since 1935, Dino’s Pizza and oven baked sandwiches, and the Elite Cafe open good and late still has the old timber panel booths. It’s the ‘Jazz’ section of Fillmore Street, and it’s a great place to be based for the next week. See ya when it’s the end of the day










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