Trying to leave Los Angeles!

3.59pm, Saturday 8th September, Gate 7, Los Angeles International airport, California, USA

Afternoon, folks, and I want you to look at this aeroplane. It’s got a broken door that wouldn’t seal, which we really need to work properly at 30,000 feet. Whilst they loaded us, the engineer was fixing the door and stripped and broke a locking nut in the process. So the door still doesn’t seal, the nut can’t be removed, so we’re offloaded and going up to San Francisco much later on.

If you watch that George Clooney movie “Up In The Air” about the chap who travels a huge amount with his job … stuff like this never happens to him!

Let’s hope the next bird gets off the ground and we get to San Francisco sometime tonight.


3 responses to “Trying to leave Los Angeles!

  1. that gorgeous George movie was on tele here on Friday night!

    • Viv, wait till you see the videos I took at the Del Coronado – I found the salt water public baths that our Fred used – with the hired bathing suit! That site is now one of the Del Coronado restauants – the Sheerwater – but was the indoor salt water bath – for combined “bathing” as swimming was called back in the 1890s – and that’s where we would have found our boy!

  2. Well done Jane! i can’t wait to see it. Jan

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