Sleepless in Beverly Hills!

7.58am, Friday 7th September, West Olympic Blvd , Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Morning, folks, after a pretty sleepless night for me in sun-soaked movie starville here in Beverly Hills. I drove up from San Diego last night, found my very cool edgey retro ‘used to be a motel in the ’40s and ’50s used by the stars’ Avalon Hotel, and was catching up on some emails when the whole hotel was massively ‘body punched and shunted’ by an invisible fist! I thought a truck had jumped the road and ploughed through the building but no … welcome to the shaky season of earthquakes in California!

According to the news report this morning, it was a “small but shallow earthquake centered in the heart of Beverly Hills”, and the local police sergeant said “it was one kind of big bump and it was over”. Big bump! It was 3.5 magnitude and I kept shaking for 20 minutes! I’m not a thrill seeker by nature, and now I have a point of reference for these things – I don’t like them. It gives you a whole new appreciation for how bad the whole Christchurch NZ thing must have been.

Apparently there was another 3.2 magnitude shake in Beverly Hills last Monday, and I’ve got tonight here before flying back up to San Francisco tomorrow. Let’s hope the big local fault line isn’t waking up!

Any rate, it’s off to work for me, off to the historic, opened-in-1912 salmon / pink and watermelon green iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.That’s the location for our final Henry Wine Group “Taste The World” event this week. So I’ll see you when I’m underneath the hotel itself at the tiny diner counter that lives there amongst the labyrinth of staircases, nooks and crannies, alleyways, nail and hair lounges, bars and swimming pools that make up the unforgettable place that this hotel is.

Meanwhile, this is the Avalon Hotel, where I didn’t get much sleep last night!



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