Next stop: San Diego … Southern California

6.07pm, Wednesday 5th September, Gate 28, San Francisco Airport, California , USA

20120905-181626.jpgEvening, folks, and one major tasting done, two to go. All went well, though, and the stars at our particular bench were the 2011 Yalumba Y Vermentino – you can see that sitting like the new best friend next to any ‘smashed crab’ sandwich down at Fisherman’s Wharf … let alone anything on the menu at Swan’s Oyster Depot (iconic old slot-in-the-wall seafood diner down on Polk Street) – closely followed by the 2010 Yalumba Patchwork Shiraz, which has just been released over here. Also good to see two of the main flag wavers for Australian wines in this part of the world – Jimmy C and Chuck – you know who you are!! Lost without ya!

20120905-181639.jpgOh … and just a quick extra word on The Palace Hotel. After writing that post this morning, I found out that when they rebuilt the hotel, the Court Garden – that beautiful glass topped atrium in the centre of the hotel – used to actually be the enclosed ‘driveway’ for carriages to make their way in from the street and loop around to the front door and registration desk. So I took a photo looking straight in and towards the original front door, where our man Fred Caley Smith would have ‘alighted’ from the carriage and made his way inside. And so our own adventure ‘in Fred’s footsteps’ begins!

Next stop is San Diego folks, also for Fred – although he went on the train (no flying machines buzzing about back in 1893 ) and I’m going with Southwest Airlines. So I’ll see you when it’s all a bit more relaxed down there in Southern California.

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