Hello San Francisco … I’m Back!

10.46pm, Monday September 3rd, Steiner Street, Pacific Heights, San Francisco, California, USA

Evening, folks, and I have very, very good news! I knew that the rubbish start to this trip could not last! I’ve just unpacked my gear at my base for the next two weeks – as the fog rolled in off the bay and enveloped the tops of the terraces up here in Pacific Heights. And I’ve ducked around the corner to the store to pick up all the essentials that keep me belting along out here on the road – bananas, sultana bran, milk, and cheese sticks! And guess what? The gods are on my side, literally 100 yards up the road is a neat little cupcake shop called Sift … and they’re open late! On the opposite corner is Dino’s – an old Italian pizzeria and cafe, and that’s where I had a bowl of ravioli for dinner.

Now it’s the cupcake for dessert.

This cupcake flavor is Samoa – coconut cake filled with chocolate ganache, topped with caramel frosting and toasted coconut. Does this make up for all the drama involved in actually getting here? Yep! And the good news is that there are another 13 flavors to go! Coincidentally I’ll be staying here for 13 more nights … how excellent! I shall keep you all up to date with which flavor is best.

See ya when it’s Tuesday and we’re sitting the exam to get our ‘Responsible Service of Alcohol’ ticket for the state of Oregon, where we’ll be doing events in three weeks time.

Meanwhile, here’s the Samoa cupcake:


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