Dinner at Andre’s Cucina……..Tonight!!

6.21pm, Wednesday 15th August, 93 Frome Street, Adelaide city, South Australia

Evening folks – I’ve been off the air lately, getting set for another 8 weeks of events across the USA – starting September 3rd. But tonight we’re back at Andre’s Cucina and polenta bar – yes the home stove of Andre – my “fluffy gnocchi king”!! It just wouldn’t be a Yalumba wine dinner without fresh gnocchi on the menu, and tonight it’s going to be our 2010 Cigar Coonawarra Cabernet with Andre’s ‘lamb filled gnocchi with rocket pesto and pine nuts’. Yes……il get a photo! For now, here’s the proper Italian base stuff for those fabulous flavor balls…..


The lighting is romantic – well done Rohan – it’s warm inside (positively arctic end of winter stuff outside) and we’ve got all the red wines pre poured so it smells great. Here’s the ‘before’ look at the restaurant, and that’s the delightful Sebastian and Rohan up at the bar….see ya when it all gets underway


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