In Bigfishville!

8.38am, Friday 3rd August, Boardwalk Bistro, The Marina, where the big boats are, Port Lincoln, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Morning, folks, this is the big Rare & Fine Red Wine Night in Bigfishville for us! That’s when we bring an absolute bagful of our best top end wines across the Spencer Gulf to share with our best friends in Tuna Town – that would be marked as ‘Port Lincoln’ on all the maps!

So we’ve ducked across to the Marina, where all the big working tuna boats, prawn trawlers and cruise boats are tied up, and you’ll find The Boardwalk bistro doing breakfast at this time of the day. That’s why we’re here, having brekky … oh and because the owners Marty and Melissa have a stack of our wines on the list – plus their new chef Scott ( ex Lizard Island) is not only doing great stuff with the local seafood, but also putting a mean flaky pastry braised lamb pie together as well.

Look – toad in the hole – fried egg in bread……just as good as poached eggs with toast and butter soldiers!


And it’s peak hour with the marina traffic folks, the Swim with the Sealions tourist boat is just on its way out …


The Kingfish feeding boat is coming back in……


And it’s a good start to the day in Bigfishville




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