Yalumba visits North Wharf – Auckland

11.07pm, Wednesday 18th July, Federal Street, Downtown Auckland, North Island, New Zealand

Evening folks, I have just come in from another big night out at First Glass Wine And Spirits over at Takapuna with Kingsley Wood and 130 of the Auckland based chapter of the Yalumba fan club – otherwise known as the First Glass Tasting Group. However, that story is for tomorrow.

Tonight, I want to introduce you to the North Wharf precinct – which sits more or less on the far side of the Viaduct area – near the fresh fish markets where the trawlers literally transfer their catch ‘off the boats’ and into the cold rooms. We did our trade lunch here today, at the Al and Wendy’s ‘Marvel Grill’. That would be the restaurant on the far left hand side of the grey glass building, beyond the trawler, under the red ‘N’ of North.


We knew we were in for a top day because the aromas wafting out of the kitchen when we arrived were absolutely worth taking to with a knife and fork on their own! When in New Zealand you’re mad if you don’t choose the lamb course and this was Marvel’s version of old school lamb cutlets…..served with the 2008 Menzies Coonawarra Cabernet, and the 2008 Signature Barossa Cabernet Shiraz blend. Yes – Cabernet definitely loves sweet lamb on the bone!


And there’s no way you can say no to this Cheesy Potato Bake!


See you tomorrow folks – I’ll finish the Marvel Grill and First Glass stories from Auckland, and then there’s still the Liquor King Carlton and The Monday Room moments to finish from Christchurch!

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