Good Morning Christchurch!

8.27am, Tuesday 17th July, The George Hotel, Park Terrace, Christchurch, NZ

And it’s a crisp frosty breath morning out there folks, but it’s going to be a lovely clear blue sky day. Which is quite unusual for this part of the world in the middle of winter. It seems that we’ve managed to bring the sunshine with us – literally – on this trip!

Now before we get started today…..I just want to say a massive “thanks very much” to The George Hotel here in Christchurch. They look after us like we’re very old friends that they really Look forward to catching up with….Especially the absolutely lovely Nathan…….not forgetting the impeccably put together Andrew……I could go on!

Fortunately for us The George – with it’s Pescatore restaurant – has been able to keep running with business as close to usual as possible – and that’s because they’re a ‘low rise’ smaller hotel – wider than they are tall – which made all the difference during the quakes.


And the coffee is really good, and they do takeaway cups, and they’ve got some fabulous wines on by the glass……


PS That would be our Barossa Shiraz Viognier next to Langmeil’s Shiraz. Our Bushvine Grenache is off to the left, and the Viognier is in the fridge! Thanks George!!

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