State of Origin II … I’m just not sure …

6.59pm, Wednesday 13th June, Murray Street, Angaston, Barossa Valley, SA

Evening, folks, and we’re 30 minutes from kickoff in tonight’s clash of the interstate rugby league titans between Queensland and New South Wales – State Of Origin II. I made the right call last game – Queensland by 8 points – and I’ve just taken my new supporter T-shirt out of the bag to get ready for the game. Thanks very much to the boys at Yorkey’s Knob Motor Boat Club up near Cairns for jutting me out with the right gear. I’m a massive Queenslander fan – particularly my favourite line breaker Billy Moore – so it’s important to have the maroon colours on tonight.


And for my prediction – I think it’s going to be tight in Sydney tonight, as putting Robbie Farah at hooker for the Blues was the best thing they’ve done in years, but I’m still going to stick with the Maroons and my boy ‘ JT’ Thurston – he’s overdue for a blinder, and the new boy up front from Souths – Dave Taylor – could be a bit of a secret weapon. OK – I’m going Queensland by 2 points!

2 responses to “State of Origin II … I’m just not sure …

  1. Don’t neglect to mention where Billy was born Jane!

  2. Yes Frosty – good point. Billy Moore – legendary North Sydney Bear – the Tenterfield Grappler!

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