Is this colour Fuchsia??

5.11pm, Friday 8th June, Yalumba Clocktower, Eden Valley Road, Angaston, SA

Here’s the brand new 2012 100% Yalumba Y Series Sangiovese Rose.


I’ve just opened a chilled bottle of the rose for the troops up here on the top floor and asked them what they think. Here’s the end result…….given that most of the comments revolved around the word”Yum”.

The colour – cherry, pink,strawberry and rhubarb

The aroma – raspberry (even a bit like those ‘ripe raspberry’ jubey fruit gel lollies – that’s candy if you’re in the USA), strawberries and cream (again the combination soft chewy lollies), fresh strawberries, a bit of fairy floss. Definitely lashings of aroma leaping out of the glass

The flavor – snapping natural zippy acid, strawberry cherry crossover, fruit but dry

And what food would go with it?? Proscuito and melon, sashimi, sushi – no drama with the wasabi, salt & pepper squid, Lemongrass barramundi – like they have at Star Of Siam in Adelaide, Yum Cha BBQ pork fluffy steamed buns, Chinese sweet and sour crispy beef, gazpacho soup, beef or tuna carpaccio, tapenade on bruschetta, car cakes with Chilli mayo!!

Final word?? From Larry…….she said…..”mmmmm berry good”

2 responses to “Is this colour Fuchsia??

  1. Mari-Jane Gagg

    When are you back in LONDON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to know

  2. Hi Mari Jane – if the planets align and best laid plans come to pass, I am hoping to be in the UK come early 2013. The plans for this year were turned on their head, and I’m back to the USA in September through November. There’s also a wedding I have to be at over near Manchester, so when that date is set, then that may well be another visit! With any luck. I will definitely put it out on the jungle drums when it’s finalized – thanks a huge amount again for staying on board the Mother Ship Yalumba. Cheers

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