Next stop, Adelaide …

8.45am, Saturday 2nd June, Gate 23, Tullamarine airport, Melbourne, Victoria

Morning, folks, heading home today after a BIG BIG week in Melbourne, but we’re going home happy! Massive thanks to the Victorian team for 11 excellent jobs across the five days – we couldn’t have done much more to consolidate hearts and palates for the mother ship Yalumba – at all!

Thanks a huge amount for the treats, you know they work! And thanks big time for Kelvin, who was my number one babysitter – the cookies definitely work when I’m grumpy! And to Junior – new territory and some big wins – well done, Shannon in the move out to Bendigo – I can see us spending a fair bit of time out in the country!, Gordon taking over the southern turf and doing great things, let alone Rhonda “I’m not old I’m mature” Sexton – another giggle-filled run … and somehow we sold pots of wine at the same time. The 8th wonder of the world!

So now I’m going to get on one of these birds and head home. I’ll have “Downton Abbey” on the DVD player and my feet up in the recliner in five minutes flat!

Thanks Melbourne, thanks Vic team, and I’ll see ya in my dreams!


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