Lamaro’s Dining – In the sharp part of town!

5.51pm, Tuesday 29th May, Lamaro’s Cafe And Bar, Cecil Street, South Melbourne, Victoria

OK. All the bottles for this evening’s dinner are now open, checked and sound. No cork taint in this house tonight! In fact, every time I look at the middleweights on this trip – the 2010 Cigar Coonawarra Cab, the 2009 Scribbler Cab Shiraz, and the 2010 Patchwork Barossa Shiraz – I’m struck by how strongly they are knocking on the door. They’re our red hot red wine triplets, and I’m having a top time showing them off.

Any rate – I’m going to try and get a few more of these events up on the blog as they happen – it’s so much easier!

At the moment, I’ve got a massive ‘back blog’ of stuff from Far North Queensland and Grafton that I WILL catch up, but for now, here we go. Horses are in the gates, lights flashing, we’re set for a start …

Here’s the romantically lit Lamaro’s Dining in the leafy green, nice wide tree-lined streets of South Melbourne, the sharp and elegant part of town where they haven’t “brass and glassed” all the classic buildings in the area – the ‘before’ shot …


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