Hi Melbourne…..we’re back!

10.23am, Tuesday 29th May, Russell Street, Melbourne Central, Victoria, Australia

Morning folks, and here we are on the last section of the 2012 Rare and Fine tour – finishing in style in grand old Melbourne. I went for a wander in search of coffee this morning, and found myself up on Exhibition Street, in front of the absolutely striking Her Majesty’s Theatre. Tucked into the Little Bourke Street corner of the building is their coffee shop, so in I went. The walls are covered with excellent caricatures of stars that have performed ‘on the boards’ of this particular stage, and as luck would have it, pride of place – just inside the front door – goes to a favourite of mine……the fabulous Maggie Smith. You might be watching her at the moment in that magic show on the Telly – Downton Abbey – she’s the one with just about every one of the killer lines in the show as the Dowager Countess, matriarch of the Crawley family who have inhabited the Abbey for eons!

Any rate – she writes her own top stuff as well. On the bottom of her framed caricature – done in conjunction with her appearance in “Talking Heads” in 2004 – she has autographed it with “I love Melbourne. May I please come back” my sentiments exactly as we head south from the city towards Mt Eliza and the job for today which is a tasting for the folks at the Canadian Bay Hotel.

See you when we are on our way back up to town to do a consumer dinner with our great mates at Lamaro’s in South Melbourne.


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