Canadian Bay Hotel – best watering hole in Mt Eliza

3.46pm, Tuesday 29th May, Canadian Bay Hotel, Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza, south of Melbourne, Victoria

We’re just heading back up to the city after our businessman’s lunch at the Canadian Bay Hotel – hosted by owners Joe and Giselle Padula. All I can say is that if you’re down this way – it’s a top option for a quiet oyster plate, chorizo and marinated beef shaslik, rack of lamb, sticky toffee pudding … yep, a top spot for lunch or dinner with mates, even just coffee and cake. The fireplace starts to kick in from about this time of year, and with folks like the front of house star Paula to look after you – you can’t go wrong. Here’s what it looked like today as we showed our Rare & Fines to the local business blokes:



Here’s the starters – the chorizo and beef skewers, sticky slightly Chilli prawns, and oysters – with the 2009 Virgilius and 2010 Patchwork Shiraz – loved the skewers and Patchwork as a bit of a favourite.

Then here’s the rack of lamb that the chef sent out. It looked SO good that I had to get a bit artistic with the photo. We put on the two Coonawarra Cabernets with the lamb – the 2010 The Cigar and 2008 The Menzies – and what an excellent triple act they made. Not sure what the Masterchefs were doing today, but they weren’t having as good a time as we were!

Have a look at this – my new career as food and wine stylist beckons!


See ya when it’s South Melbourne, and we will be opening bottles for tonight’s consumer dinner at “Lamaro’s”

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