Tropical North Queensland – Cairns

8.01am, Thursday 24th May, Abbott Street, Cairns , QLD, Australia

Look up ‘tropical’ in the dictionary this morning folks, and you’ll see the sky here in Cairns – 10 different shades of grey – and dropping that constant mist of rain that makes you feel like you’re breathing warm water.


I’ve fallen into ‘island time’ folks – it’s only 20 degrees Celsius out there but with the stifling humidity and not a hint of a breeze, all I’ve managed to do is wander around the corner to ‘Bang’ – the best coffee in Cairns – for the first mocha of the day. If I was keener, I’d be over at Rustys Fruit Market spooning out the centre of a cold sliced dragon fruit for breakfast. Remember the banana comparison I put up on the blog last trip? Today, I think I’ll just hide out in the air con comfort until we go out to our job for today – dinner for 80 people on the sail covered outside deck of the Yorkeys Knob Motor Boat Club – which sits right on top of the Marina.

Mind you, we’re off to see our Irish mate Fintan Rafferty (seriously – that’s about as Irish as you can get) at Salt House this morning, so we’ll end up being on the hot waterside spots in the area most of the day and night. Could be a lot worse folks – I’m in shorts and a t shirt first thing in the morning, and everyone ‘down south’ having a proper winter are in jumpers and jackets.

Oh, by the way, Check the scores from the first State Of Origin game last night – QLD 18 beat NSW 10 – then check my blog from yesterday. I predicted “Queensland by 8 points”. Wish I had put a big fat bet on that! Never mind Frosty – the way that NSW played last night surprised Queensland, and you will win one game this series. Farah made the difference like we said!

See you later from Steamytown – Cairns – TNC

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