The Cook, The Chef and The Orchestra … live in Noosa!

6.19pm, Thursday 17th May, Lions Park, Noosa Parade, Noosa Heads, QLD

Evening, folks, it’s just cool enough to be wearing a jumper over here in the Lions Park that’s the venue for this years Noosa International Food and Wine Festival. We helped open the Festival in conjunction with Westpac the bankers earlier today at their Ruby Network Luncheon – food designed by Stephanie Alexander, who needs no introduction at all to Australian foodies, and chef Nicky Reimer, who has had the Melbourne restaurant Union Dining open for a year. Oh yes … wine was by us! More on that later – I’ll put the details up because it went absolute gangbusters and I think we can honestly say that we opened the Festival with a big bang!

Now to this evening’s Main Event. It’s “The Cook, The Chef, and The Orchestra”, which would be Maggie Beer, Simon Bryant and the Queensland Virtuosi featuring flute legend Jane Rutter. Here’s a look at the stage set up in the marquee where we’re all going to watch the cooking show against the orchestra backdrop – check out the neat red hanging umbrella lampshades


This is exactly the same space this afternoon at rehearsal


And it’s always neat to catch up with Barossa Foodie Superstars out here on the road…


The orchestra has just started tuning up, so any moment now it’s all going to get under way, and as Maggie and Simon cook up a storm to Ravel’s “Bolero”, the same dishes will be served at dinner in the flash silver service dining marquee next door. It’s all happening here tonight in Noosa Heads folks! And by the way, the food will be paired up with our wines – nice to be part of a Barossa-dominant moment up here on such a beautiful evening.


OK, folks, the brass and strings are running out the opening stanzas of “Food Glorius Food”, Maggie and Simon have just started at the stove – all quinces and butter – and the whole thing’s away!

See ya later … ‘ll finish the Grafton story, put up the Ruby Lunch from earlier today, then it’s an early night for me!

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