Grafton, NSW … here we come

6.06am, Tuesday 15th May, Gate 20, Adelaide airport, South Australia

Early morning, folks, the ute is tucked up safely against the back fence over in the long-term car park, the big blue suitcase is in the works, and I’m knocking over the first coffee of the day. The APPEA – that’s Australian Petroleum Producers and Exploration Association – people are in Adelaide in force this week, and last night we showed them our brand spanking new 2008 Signature Cabernet Shiraz specially labelled for the occasion at The Lion in North Adelaide. I’ve found out all sorts of interesting stuff about oil, gas, dirt – spoke to a charming Kiwi geologist for some considerable time getting the facts on the essence of life, which apparently is all linked in to how far you are from the equator! And not forgetting the acute interest I’ve developed in merchant banking, now that I’ve met one that’s not only quite young compared to others I’ve encountered – but uncommonly attractive with a serious sense of humor! Any rate – good night out for all of us, and we thank our great numbers gals at KPMG Marlene and Jackie for the invite … and the Haighs Chocolates!

So it’s see you later for now, and when I’m back on deck it will be at the Coffs Harbour airport where Qantas Link are dropping me off after lunch. Our man in Northern NSW – Frosty – is picking me up, and we’ll be working in Grafton tonight at the fabulous Georgie’s Cafe.


Fruit and nut combo – yum!

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