Sometimes it just has to be “Dippy eggs”!

9.25am, Saturday 11th May, Murray Street, Angaston, The Barossa, SA

Morning, folks, not quite sure what happened to the last few days – it’s been a bit of a whirlwind of wine talk, early morning taxis in Wagga to get back to Adelaide in time for lunch on Thursday at Footy legend Mark Riuccuto’s The Alma Tavern, chased by a masterclass for 45 people in the wonderful underground tasting cellar at The Edinburgh Hotel up in Mitcham (still in Adelaide), chased by a lunch with the young Adelaide business bloke guns at The Saracen yesterday, chased by an in-store tasting with the terribly wine switched on boys at East EndCellars (yep, still in Adelaide) tucked into there behind the magic old East End Fruit and Vegetable Market stone walls. And this chilly morning – back in the Barossa, and down to the Farmers Market because I need a big shot in the arm. My secret weapon? Mr Lowke’s carrot juice – just glutted down straight from the bottle!


And speaking of secret weapon shot in the arm stuff, this is what I swear by when it all starts to get a bit tired after lots of consecutive days and nights on the job … Dippy eggs! This was me yesterday morning, at one of my favourite spots when I get back to Adelaide. It’s the 24 hour cafe attached to the Vili’s bakery and pie works on the corner of South Road and Manchester Street.


So yes – sometimes it just has to be Dippy eggs to pick you up! (PS the bacon and sausage and tomato got left behind. It’s the eggs that do the job, on the end ofthe buttered toast ‘soldiers’)


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