South from Sydney to Shellharbour and Wollongong

3.47pm, Friday 4th May, Corrimal Avenue, Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Afternoon folks- we’re back in Wollongong for a huge Friday night out with Simon Hurford and the Kollaras Brothers – the wine force in Wollongong town.

Last night we were in Sydney, doing secret corporate business with expatriate wine guru David Matters (Best Cellars down on Crown Street ) and his three wine mainmen Matt, Freddy and Irish Brian – you know very well who you are and that I’m far too fond of you all!! Not joking folks, this is the view from the 19th floor boardroom which will remain anonymous – thanks very much for setting it all up beautifully Andrew!!


Just on sunset last evening, that’s the Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour on the left, and the inner Harbour ferry coming over from Lavender Bay on the right.

And here’s the waterfront at Shellharbour village this afternoon after Mitch finished his deliveries and we headed back north to Wollongong.


See ya when we’re off to the ‘Dunes ‘ restaurant – up by the lighthouse – to show the Rare and Fine wines at a nice quiet dinner with 90 local wine interested Wollongong folk.

One response to “South from Sydney to Shellharbour and Wollongong

  1. Irish Brian!

    Hey m’darlin

    So lovely to see you again & thanks for a top evening.

    Hope you enjoyed your Thai fix afterwards.

    Stay in touch & let me know when next you’re in LA

    Brian ;-)xo

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