How we went at the races!

6.54am, Monday 30th April, Gate 24, Adelaide Airport, South Australia

Morning folks, another pre dawn start as we continue the 2012 Rare & Fine wine roadshow, and I had a dream run down from the Barossa, got all the green traffic lights, and I’m propped here ready to jump on a plane to Sydney, then straight onto the train and on down to the coastal steel town hotspot Wollongong – a fortress for us with big supporters like Simon Hurford, the Kollaras Brothers and GQ cover man if he ever wanted to be…..Mitch Bate.

But first….from the last blog entry on Saturday, I thought you might like to know how Niwot – that son of the good looking stallion Galileo that we saw in Ireland last year – went in the Sydney Cup. Here you go….I had a good feeling because he’s the spitting image of his dad and I’m hopeless with good lookers!….I had a little bit each way on him, and he was first over the line


So on this run, we might see him start in the Melbourne cup – I’ll keep an eye on him and let you know.

As for Black Caviar, she easily won her 20th start – and may be back in Adelaide in a couple of weeks to run in the Goodwood Handicap. Can she keep doing this and go 21 wins from 21 starts? We’ll keep an eye on that one as well.

But for now, I’m off to the gate with my earplugs and Episode 1 of Series 1 of Downton Abbey. I’m going to work my way through series 1, series 2 and the Christmas special in preparation for Series 3 – which is currently being filmed as we speak in England’s Oxfordshire countryside. I must go out and buy a suitable frock and gloves, as I suspect the wedding of Lady Mary and the unbelievably attractive Matthew is on the cards!! We do hope he wears his dress uniform in that episode!!

See ya when it’s Wollongong…….we’ll be on this one….


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