Back in the Barossa – it’s Breakfast Rave time!

10.21am, Sunday 22nd April, Stelzer Road, Tanunda, The Barossa, South Australia

It’s a bit windy out there this morning folks, but the keen as mustard Breakfast Rave people were out there in Langmeil’s vineyards before dawn getting set up for today’s event. Hopefully this will give you a bit of an idea about how it all works:

You get the address from the Breakfast Rave Facebook page, or by word of mouth around the Barossa. Then you follow the signs – I reckon we’ve found the right place:


Yep, we’re definitely the at the right place:




Once you’ve found the Rave, the best way to go is order your coffee first, and decide which cooked brekky is for you:




Then it’s essential to check out the baked treats, because trust me…..they’re just magic and go quick! I went with the vegan treacle cookies


By 8am, the crowd’s already starting to gather, so Johnny starts on the guitar……..



And then you start your day in a really healthy way – I went with the poached egg and beans…..


But there’s more …..I had no idea about the organic cacao, and how nice is the way they do things at the Rave….the old ‘honesty box’ method..



And after you’ve caught up with everyone, you can stop by the ‘take a plant home with you’ table – today it was all about kale, coriander and broccoli for your garden




If you’re anywhere near the Barossa – keep an eye on The Breakfast Rave Facebook page, and don’t miss the next one. The Rave folks have a lot of fun finding these locations, and they never disappoint!!

One response to “Back in the Barossa – it’s Breakfast Rave time!

  1. feeling envious just a tad more than usual..

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