OK Perth, we’re on our way

12.44pm, Sunday 15th April, Gate 23 Adelaide Airport, South Australia

Hi Folks, I’m nursing stitches in my jaw today as I sit here…….yes, very early……..waiting for the aeroplane going through to Perth later this afternoon. Whenever I get back from a big trip, I get patched up straight away so that by the time I go away again – all is as good as it can be with this worn out old unit. That’s me folks! But if you’re considering an implant situation to sort out a nasty dental situation, let me tell you about the pain! And the weird sensation of a torsion wrench being used to screw a piece of titanium solidly into your skull. And the operation conditions where you’re on your back in the chair for an hour stuck full of massive amounts of local anesthetic, and with your whole body covered with a sheet that has just the smallest hole where your mouth gets lined up. Think the Elephant Man type fashions and you’ll be right on the money! You can always go under general anesthetic, but that costs substantially more, so I went with the local.

So unfortunately I won’t be ploughing through and steak with the fab Rare & Fine reds that we’re about to start showcasing on this year’s program, which starts tomorrow evening at the North Cott Surf Club in Cottesloe – one of Perth’s magnificent Oceanside suburbs. But I will be there, just not smiling quite as wide as usual. It’s still looks a bit slice and diced where my smile sits, and I don’t want to pull the stitches, so I’ll just have to be careful. I am getting them out the week I get back, just before Anzac Day, so should be pretty much back to normal for the second leg of Rare & Fine events in NSW and the ACT.


The ‘before’ smile – from our Rare & Fine dinner in Edinburgh last year, and we did do beef, many different cuts with The Signature and The Scribbler


I’ll put up the ‘after’ smile from somewhere in our Sydney program

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