Goodbye Los Angeles … see you in September

1.33pm, Friday 30th March, Los Angeles International Airport, California, USA

OK, folks – with any luck I’ll be on my way home in about three hours, and should get in early Monday morning – at just the right time to grab a proper lamington and pint of Farmers Union Iced Coffee from Vili’s Bakery 24 hour cafe out near the Adelaide airport on the corner of South Road and Manchester Avenue.

I have to say for the record that it’s been a long run … but a good one! We’ve worked with new distributors in four states of the USA – thanks Fedway in New Jersey, Winebow in New York, the Lemma family up in Portland and The Wine Company in Minnesota – plus three provinces of Canada – thanks B & W Wines in Ontario and Pacific Wines & Spirits in British Columbia and Alberta. We had another dream program with our good mates The International Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival; and we caught up with old friends Bacchus in Maryland, Heritage in Illinois, Vintage Wine in Ohio, and Henry Wine Group in California.

Wow … when you look at it like this, we have been busy!

But here’s what we didn’t do!

We didn’t go to Texas and visit with our human Yalumba fortress, classic wine man, keeper of the traditional trail rides into the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and organizer of the wine show that goes on each year within the program of that massive event. Who would I be talking about? That would be Bear Dalton. And Bear … you’re on my list for the next trip come the end of this year plus March next year. I definitely want to see that Chili Fest and BBQ cookoff at least once this lifetime! So sorry I didn’t get there this year – but mark my words – I’ll see ya next trip and cart something special from home and across the Pacific for dinner. Thanks again for the ongoing support – hope all goes well and I’ll see you both when the mud dries!

So goodbye United States ofAmerica, thanks for being good to us this trip, and we’ll see ya in September … especially this lovely bloke that I ran into the other night down on Hollywood Boulevard. They do not look like this in Angaston, Barossa Valley, South Australia.


One response to “Goodbye Los Angeles … see you in September

  1. Bruce Gearhart

    Jane, wow leaving today. The good ol US of A will not be the same without you. Travel safe. Yalumba dinner tonight at the Towson Golf and CC with Danielle. Love ya. Bruce

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