’25 Degrees’ on Hollywood Boulevard means ‘great burgers’ anytime

12.09pm, Thursday 29th March, Los Angeles, California, USA

Back to the keyboard here, folks, as I have a chance to catch up a lot of the events that didn’t get written up as we worked our way across the country. So here’s a double header from three days ago – Monday 26th March. We had the ‘meet and greet’ tasting and early dinner with our distributor team from Los Angeles city organised for Public Kitchen and Bar inside the Roosevelt Hotel – the gracious older lady of Hollywood Boulevard that’s still sashaying along on a grand scale. But before we met up with everyone, Dave T and I slid in early to 25 Degrees, which lives in an old bar space inside the walls of the Hotel, fronts the Boulevard, but is a separate operation. 25 Degrees is a ‘Burger Wine & Liquor Bar’ that specializes in 24 hour access to not just good but GREAT burgers – either ground sirloin beef, turkey, yellowfin tuna, or veggie. The serious approach is there in the name of the place folks … ’25 degrees’ is the temperature difference between delivering properly cooked medium rare and well done burgers!

Now why were we there?

Because the folks at 25 Degrees have given us a chance to showcase our wines with the best burgers in Tinsel Town! Our Yalumbe Eden Valley Viognier and Y Shiraz Viognier are on the short but shiny wine list by the glass, by the square old style quart milk ‘jug’, and by the bottle. The Y Shiraz Viognier is an excellent workhorse here, and goes with just about everything on the menu – not just the ‘craft your own burgers’, (14 sauces, 14 cheeses, extras from portobello mushroom to jalapeño bacon … and even fried eggs for us Australian types!) but even the super special Sonoran Boback Hot Dog. Check this out, and I promise you it’s exactly as listed on the menu – no embellishment from me!

“Bacon wrapped / caramelized onion / tomato / pinto beans / Hatch green Chili / queso fresco / mustard / garlic aoili”.

PS for those readers who don’t know a lot about the chili world in the USA – Hatch is the southern New Mexico town acknowledged as the best place in the country to grow chili plants. They have acres and acres of the stuff, and the locals tend to like their chili ‘Xmas style’ – which means half green half red.

So as you can see, it’s not just any old burger or hot dog here! And by the way, the EV Viognier is tailor made for the yellowfin tuna burger, plus the beet and kale salads. We had a good time chatting with the staff as they changed over shifts whilst we were there – giving them all the right info to back up the wine and food combos.

If you have half a chance and you’re in Hollywood for any reason at all – drop in to 25 Degrees and don’t just take my word for it. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you can see this over the road:


That’s Ironman and Transformerman having a chat in front of Manns Chinese Theatre, and 25 Degrees – essentially part of the front wall of the Roosevelt Hotel – is diagonally opposite. You’ll also know you’re in the right place if you’re sitting at the counter on very plush high top swivel stools or in the chesterfield style deep buttoned leather booths, if the wallpaper looks like it’s from the set of “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas” – that crushed velour burgundy flock stuff – and if the wall behind the bar around the open kitchen order window is that seventies chequerboard mirror look. They’ve had a few morphs over the years in here, but 25 Degrees has landed as a very comfortable place to hide out and knock over a top burger.

We like it, and we love being there … thanks a stack 25 Degrees … see ya when we’re back in September.

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