Still in Hollywood … ‘LA Confidential’ style

8.46am, Wednesday 28th March, Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, LA, California, USA

Morning, folks, I have the day off today, getting picked up to go to the airport at 7, and the plane leaves at midnight for the first leg of the trip home via Kuala Lumpur. But right now I’m off on the super duper de luxe tour of LA – the beaches, the stars homes, the Hollywood Sign – the works!

And I bought the map so I can go back later, as this is … “the map the stars don’t want you to have”!


And on the tour, we’ll be going by some of the locations of old school “Hollywood” used in making the film of James Ellroy’s cult classic story ‘LA Confidential’. After work last night, we went to the Formosa Cafe – still in the original location since 1929, owned and run by the grandson of the bloke who built it! It’s on Santa Monica Boulevard, and the big green neon “Formosa” is hard to miss!


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