And while we’re in Hollywood …

3.48pm, Tuesday 27th March, Franklin Street, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Howdy, folks, living in Hollywood – even for just three days – is living the dream! You walk along Hollywood Boulevard and it’s glitzy glam, nutty, homeless, gangsta, touristy, high rolling and dress up … all at the same time!

We worked last night at ‘Public’ the Bar & Grill at the landmark Roosevelt Hotel, right on the Boulevard – and it’s just like being in the movies. This is the same hotel – although largely remodeled- that Montgomery Clift lived in for 3 months whilst filming “From Here To Eternity”, the same hotel that Marilyn Monroe preferred to stay in, the location of the first ever Academy awards in 1929 … and there we were last night, talking Yalumba in the back salon of ‘Public’. Who knows what deals, what romances, what scripts, what scandals might have gone on in exactly the same place once upon a time!

Off to the last job of the trip so I’d better grab my gear – down to Hollywood and Vine, the newer K&L retail wine store for a consumer tasting. See ya later


2 responses to “And while we’re in Hollywood …

  1. working hard and home in sight. enjoy the thrust to the line. weather sublime here as are the wines we have made in 2012. near perfect and not many grapes to go.

  2. Waiting patiently for the end of the travel log from Barstow! It’s been fantastic reading about your USA travels. Always informative and insightful! Safe trip home…..until next time!

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