Goodbye Portland … for now

7.56am, Wednesday 21st March, The Pearl District, Portland, Oregon, USA

It’s another rainy morning in Portland, folks, and I’ll be out the door in a minute – off to the airport and an aeroplane that’s going to San Diego. But before I go, there are a couple of things I want to show you from my day out and about the Portland trade with Marcelita, one of the Lemma family who are now our distributors for the wet, green and really interesting state of Oregon. This is what the town looks like from the Portland City Grill, where our Y Shiraz Viognier is on the restaurant list, and our Museum Muscat just had a very rock star run for Valentine’s Day on the dessert list. It’s a great place for us to be, perched on the 30th floor of the US Bank building, with the best views of the Willamette River, and the “North, South, East and West” quadrants of the old city layout that now have divided down into all the really cool food, wine, arts, old nostalgia bowling lanes and bars type neighborhoods. It’s the first time you get a clear idea of just how many pine trees are still in and around Portland – no surprise that most of the houses are built from timber, and that logging was a major industry here for years. Makes a lot of sense that the local soccer sell out season sensations are called the Portland Timbers!



By the way, in the lower photo, bottom right hand side, there’s a white transit van parked in front of a shop with a pink purple neon sign. That’s Voodoo Doughnuts folks … and we’ll get to that later!

For now, thanks very much to Chris the wine man at Portland City Grill, and Marcelita – we love being the wine with the view. And folks, this was the cup of chicken and vege soup and half sandwich – French gravy dip shaved strip steak option – lunchtime deal! With the Y Shiraz Viognier? Definitely.


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