Day 1 in ‘Stumptown’….welcome to Portland, Oregon!

3.11pm, Sunday 18th March, Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, downtown Portland, Oregon
Still in the USA

Afternoon folks – seeing as I don’t usually get to do much touristy stuff on these tours, I’ve taken the opportunity to join the zillions of kids and their much harassed parents at the Museum. It’s actually pretty cool – here’s the Earthquake House, where you get to experience what two real life earthquakes up this way felt like. This is about as close as I’d like to get to the real thing thanks! I remember once being woken up in a Wellington (New Zealand) hotel room by all the glass bottles in the fridge clattering for about 15 seconds – that was a minor shake and enough for me! I stayed up and watched TV until breakfast fully dressed with my passport in my back pocket!



Right now I’m waiting for the “Night Sky” session in the Planetarium, so I’m watching “Science on a Sphere”. This is very good stuff! This is what the weather is like today over Australia – thanks very much to the satellites – nice clear day in the Barossa!


And compare what Australia and the USA look like at night! There’s a lot more folks over here than at home.



And before I shoot off to look at the stars…..this is the stuff that really interests me. Every yellow dash is a commercial aeroplane. Have a look at the traffic over the USA! That massive yellow moment is an extremely busy airspace – they reckon there’s around 28000 commercial flights somewhere in the world every 24 hours.



There you go – you get everything on this blog! If you’re in Portland – don’t miss out on the OMSI – and thanks for the free wi Fi, and the excellent coffee for only $1.50.

My only disappointment is I can’t tour the submarine that’s tied up in a river dock alongside the Museum. It’s America’s last non nuclear fast attack sub the USS Blueback, and seeing as I have one leg that doesn’t quite bend far enough now, I can’t go. Here’s why – because you need to be able to hop through these hatches, and the old right knee just won’t go!



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