St Patrick’s Day in San Francisco

11.57am, Friday 16th March, Sacramento Street, The Embarcadero, San Francisco, California, USA

*** This next section is dedicated to all my mates over in the Emerald Isle – Smithy, Ken and the legal eagles – you know who you are!, the boys at Corkscrew especially the Englishman!, Ouen, Kieron, all the boys at the Jaipur group, Ronan o’Gara and all the boys pulling on an Irish jersey for any team, the whole crew at Ballymaloe House down in Cork, and Declan + Sandra + Tilly up in Galway – my surrogate Irish family! This day is for you, and tomorrow we will be suitably celebrating it with you on the other side of the Atlantic – with our own in-house Negociants USA genuine Irishwoman Deirdre on the wet and soggy streets of downtown San Francisco. However, don’t be surprised if tomorrow night we finish up with a Hawaiin tiki twist, seeing as I have now discovered “the volcano bowl”. Watch this space!

Folks – they’re doing nutty things over here for St Patrick’s Day! I am going to run a log of all the green and Irish specials for food, tourist attractions, karaoke nights – the works! So check back here over the next 48 hours as I add the crazy stuff in. Let’s start with the ‘Shamrock Shake’ from McDonalds .. and thanks a huge amount on behalf of travelers everywhere for the free wi fi and clean bathrooms. It makes a difference believe me!


12.30pm Friday 16th – there’s a piper – bagpipes! – playing in The Irish Times on Sacramento as I walk past so I stop in. They have a block party starting tonight!



That’s Smythy and the gals on Grafton Street in September last year when we visited Dublin.

And this … is The Englishman from The Corkscrew wine merchants, near Grafton Street, at our Yalumba dinner at The Schoolhouse – same time, same city. And yes, he does look a lot like Ewan McGregor!


And at lunch …….another piper


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