If it’s cupcakes in SFO … the only choice is Kara’s!

10.45am, Friday 16th March, Powell Street, San Francisco, California, USA

Morning, folks, I had an early start – got the laundry under way and caught up the paperwork and organized a visit to the winery in a couple of weeks for some mates of ours with a restaurant up in Queensland. Now we’re off to job one today with a journalist here in the city – then it will be onto the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit – the excellent public transport system in San Francisco ) to head out to Prima wine bar and restaurant in Walnut Creek for a consumer dinner.

With tomorrow being St Patricks Day and the massive parade through the city that goes with it – I have no doubt that the celebrating will start today – hence all the corned beef & cabbage and Irish stew specials already being advertised around where I’m staying downtown. With any luck the rain will hold off and folks will have a chance to celebrate everything green and Irish.

Oh … and seeing as we’re in San Francisco, it is absolutely essential that we make a quality assessment on the Sweet Chocolate cupcake at Kara’s. I did the same at Billy’s Bakery in Manhattan, and after dropping in the night before last on our way to a trade call at Bin 38 across the road, I can guarantee that Kara’s are still pushing out the fluffiest melt in your mouth cupcakes on the West Coast! And between Billy’s and Kara’s? Can’t decide because they’re both spectacular. It’s the Trans Continental Cupcake Standofff, and if you’re in New York or San Francisco – make sure you spend the $3 and do yourself a major sweet cakey favour!


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