The wet streets of San Francisco!

10.16am, Wednesday 14th March, 16th Street, The Mission neighborhood, San Francisco, California, USA

It’s wet out there today on the streets, really wet. The weather blokes have obviously heard that song “it never rains in California … but boy let me warn ya … man it pours … man it pours”. And that’s what it’s doing out there right now. Here’s one of the famous San Francisco tourist attractions … very wet in there so bring a plastic bag to sit on!


I don’t think there’s going to be much waiting time to ride the cable cars today.

Now why am I up here in The Mission? Two reasons. First – I always try and get to Pancho Villa Taqueria once each trip to SFO because it’s my favourite Mexican food in town. Second, because I put an order in early this morning with Dynamo Donuts – over on 24th Street (still in The Mission) – for some of their savory doughnuts to pair with our wines at a tasting this afternoon. Unfortunately they’re not making the Lemon Sichuan (Szechuan spices and lemon curd) because I had that earmarked for the Y Vermentino and Y Riesling. But I’ve chosen three varieties that will make for a very interesting wine and doughnut pairing exercise!

The Apricot Raisin Cardamom with the Y Viognier?

he Chocolate Star Anise with the Bush Vine Grenache or Y Shiraz Viognier?

And their famous Bacon Maple Apple with The Strapper GSM and maybe The Scribbler Cabernet & Shiraz?

I’m meeting our gal in this city, Diana Malloy, over there at Dynamo at 1.30 pm, so if I get there around 1pm, there’s every chance I can try one of the new flavors since my last trip! Ah yes … one of the better parts of the job!!

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