The streets of Cincinnati

10.22am, Tuesday 13th March, West 5th Street, Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

I can’t seem to avoid the late nights folks – I had every intention of getting to bed early before our big week back in California, but it wasn’t to be! Why? Because I picked up Diana from the airport yesterday – and before I go any further, that’s a story in itself! I’m using a rental car from Hertz, and they have this fabulous GPS system called ‘Neverlost’, and I selected ‘least use of freeway’s for the trip out to the airport. Well, I got the very scenic tour as a result, including crossing the Ohio River via the Anderson Ferry – established 1817! That’s because all the other crossings are freeways, and the airport is on the Kentucky side of the river.



So once I had Diana on board, we headed out to the Krogers store at Harpers Point to catch up with Mark – our man from Vintage Wine Cellars, who are our distributors right across the Buckeye State of Ohio. We are in town to talk food and wine with the Kroger folks, so seeing as this was my first trip to Cincinnati, out we went to have a look at one of their flagship stores – the wine ‘cave’, the chef in store cooking demonstration, and the whole deli, cheese and the impressive ‘for dinner tonight’ section. I left my camera in the car – sorry no photos of this stop.

Then Diana said we’re going to Jungle Jims – and we pulled up in front of a supermarket. – fun park crossover. Apparently the owner started with a general store in a small mall, and bought up the stores around, knocking down internal walls to make a bigger store. Then a much bigger store! Now, each department is it’s own world. Check out the hot sauce section – with the antique fire engine upstairs! Just hot sauce – chili sauce – and every possible chili accessory!


And BBQ sauce – just my favourite…..BBQ sauce


And if you want a bag of peanuts…’s a 22 lb bag!


But I never got to finish the first story. Why the late night Monday night? Because as luck would have it, when we met up with our Vintage Wine Cellars man Mark on Monday afternoon, he told us that the Forbes family – owners of the distributor for Ohio – would be coming down for the evening, as their son Alex was in a rock band. The boys are called “Workout”, are based in Brooklyn in New York, and their lad Alex plays a flying V guitar left handed. They played at the MOTR pub in Cincinnati on Monday night, in Little Rock Arkansas last night, and will be playing the massive SouthxSouthwest music festival in Austin, Texas through Saturday night. Then they’ve got the 30 hour drive back to Ne York to be back at work Monday morning. The boys are a bit of a power band, and their lead singer keyboard player reminds me of a bearded Iggy Pop who keeps his clothes on! It was old home week to catch up with the Forbes family and the Cincinnati based crew, and I know I’m definitely getting older when the band is too loud. Good luck to the lads……I’ve never been to SouthxSouthwest, but it’s legendary.

Thank you Cincinnati……loved my first visit, and I’ll be back for sure.


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