Back to back big days in Chicago

11.57pm, Thursday 8th March (just!), Chicago downtown, Illinois, USA

There’s a full moon out there tonight folks, hanging in a clear sky above the Batman ears building unmistakeable Chicago skyline – and we have had very big back to back days out on the city and suburban streets. Our man in ” the City of Big Shoulders” – Anthony Hendrie – organized a two day ‘Yalumba Market Blitz’ and our two colleagues Ailla (Denver) and Danielle (Baltimore) came in to town to join Anthony and myself as well as all the Heritage salesfolk in talking all things Yalumba out in the Chicago trade – city and suburban!

I caught the train north and rode out with Annica ‘firing from the lip’ Heymann like a modern day girlie version of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid! Here’s what we did:

First up we visited with the delightful Jeff Burhop – current hand at the helm of the 80 year old Burhop family fish business. They have two seafood stores, each with it’s own in house wine store, and along with the lovely fish and wine combo man Carlos, we tasted through our wines with a plate of freshly cooked scallops.


Definitely the territory for The 2011 Y Vermentino &. 2010 Y Viognier aromatic and snappy acid double.


We flew around to several other stops, and this is what I want to show you from the Park Street Restaurant in Mundelein town. Michael runs the place for the family as he’s the wine annd music man, and as such, his grandmother made him the custodian of the photo that a very young Frank Sinatra dedicated and autographed for her. Here it is up on the wall behind the bar, keeping an eye on things. Very nice people, very nice place.


There’s more, but it’s after midnight so it’s into bed for me – we have a presentation with our distributor tomorrow morning so I want to be in good form for that.

I’ll fill you in tomorrow afternoon on the rest……riding in a Maserati, consumer dinner at Prarie Grass, meeting The Splash on line magazine folk, Evolution Wine store run by Elvis fan Mike, and last but definitely not least……….the unforgettable Brian – you know you won a heart right here!!

Thanks a huge amount Annica – see you tomorrow… actually now it’s later on today!!

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