Sales gals on the street in Chicago


11.06pm, Wednesday 7th March, North Dearborn, Chicago , Illinois, USA

It’s been a long day, folks, I’ve been out doing the sales gal thing today on the streets of downtown Chicago with the scary good ‘Xena Princess Road Warrior’ Jaqueline from our local superstar distributor, Heritage. We headed out early for breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s – the starting point of Route 66 right here in downtown Chicago, on West Jackson, near Union Station.


Because the made-in-the-skillet omlettes are famous, and they do their own good coffee beans and the cups are bottomless all day! And with a big day in front of us we need a good start.




I thought it might be interesting for you to come out on the road for the day with us. In our wine bags today are the following bottles:

Our first stop is the lovely family folks at Arista Foods. Top supporters with lots of Y wines … thanks … for the stories on Greek mythology from Dad as well. Terrific area, this is the old fire escape using my Hipstamatic that I’m trying to figure out.


Next stop. … Lincoln Park Market and we meet the two Bruces – senior and junior. Besides running a red hot market with a solid wine section – we get great local colour stories on the Cubs and Bears – and the tip to visit Weiner Circle, apparently the best hot dogs in Chicago.

Next stop … Quartino, the well-known Italian pasta pizza and steakhouse. They were the ones with their open air tables full today because of the great unseasonal sunny day.

Next stop … Joe’s Stone – home of the best stone crab in Chicago, which come in every day fresh from the Gulf of Mexico. Great old school Chicago paneled timber room with a fab wine list and even nicer sommeliers!


Next stop … Macy’s on South Wabash – the only Macy’s in the country with a proper wine store, running their own in-house educational classes – see the extremely switched on Dee & Kevin. Their next session features one of our favorites – Grenache.

**South Wabash means one other Chicago classic – the ‘L’ or elevated train. It looks like every cop show or car chase you’ve ever seen on TV.


Next stop … Bistrot Margot in Old Town. Great tasting session here thanks Leah, and we’re proud to announce – a very nice address where from Friday this week you’ll be able to find the 2006 Th Signature.


Last stop … The Union League Club of Chicago for a consumer dinner – featuring the 2006 The Signature, 2006 The Octavius, and the 21 Year Old Antique Tawny. Did you know that once upon a time there were three clubs – one in New York, one in Philadelphia, and one in Chicago? They combined forces back in the 1800s to provide support for President Lincoln and the Union. Hence the name of the club! And the building itself is a beautiful tribute to the architecture and craftsmanship of yesteryear. What a great way to finish a top day on the road. Thank you, Susan – magic!

And so, folks, as the bloke downstairs over the road uses a high pressure water cleaner to strip the sidewalk, we can only hope he’s going to finish before midnight! Because it’s no fun hitting the street tomorrow without any sleep!

See ya when it’s Thursday! Thanks Jaqu – unforgettable day out!

2 responses to “Sales gals on the street in Chicago

  1. Hope you’re enjoying Chicago! I know it’s short notice, but if you’d like to be interviewed for my Chicago-based wine blog, please write back. Maybe we can meet up for a glass of Yalumba after work today!

    Douglas Trapasso

  2. Hi Jane!
    We didn’t get to chat but I was at your class on Tuesday with the Binny’s people! I hope we didn’t bore you! I can still taste the bbq and shiraz combo. Yummmmm.
    I absolutely loved hearing you talk about your job and your wines. You are an inspiration. I brought in the gsm and the patchwork, and I am super excited about “the Australian wine category” and am looking forward to selling lots of your stuff. Will get the vermentino in maybe next month. Going to pour The Strapper for folks tomorrow and hope to sell it out.
    I really hope to see you again in the future. Cheers!

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