Farewell Vancouver via Hawksworth with our Pacific stablemates

10.14am, Monday 5th March, Gate 77, Vancouver Airport, British Columbia, Canada

Morning, folks, we finished the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Fair visit with a farewell dinner last night where our new distributor, Pacific Wines and Spirits, invited all their principals – that’s us from the wineries around the world – and 20 of their top clients in British Columbia to the nothing-short-of-totally-fabulous Hawksworth – the restaurant featuring the food from David Hawksworth’s kitchen – within The Rosewood Hotel Georgia. Complementing the stellar lineup at the stoves is the equally rock star status sommeliers and wine director Terry Threlfall, now back home in Vancouver after nine years in London at Chez Bruce.

Each of the wineries in the Pacific “stable” was invited to bring two interesting wines along to the dinner, and here’s the menu showing our Yalumba course :

“48 hour short rib black pepper green papaya honeydew chili” with our two wines – 2003 Pewsey Vale Contours Riesling and 1999 The Signature Cabernet Shiraz.


That’s one of the canapés sitting on the menu – ‘sun crisp consommé with lobster knuckles’, and here’s the short rib – sorry about the quality of the photographs, it was all very low candlelight and romantic!!


Oh … and I should let you know who our stablemates are, seeing as we’re in excellent company at Pacific : Miguel Torres – wines from both their Chilean and Spanish operations; Luigi Bosca – Argentina; Fonseca – Portugal; and M. Chapoutier – France. There’s been a lot of fun for folks this last week tracking all of our various accents!

I’ll add in all the wines and tasting notes this evening when I get into Chicago – I packed the menu in my suitcase! I just checked my Stormtracker app that I downloaded onto the iPad – it shows you a weather map for all of Canada and the USA with all the snow, storms, tornado warnings – the works! – and it’s been really valuable this trip already to know what’s on the way weather wise! Chicago has snow on the way, but only flurries at this stage, but it’s still back out with the boots for the next section of the trip.

So I’ll see you when it’s Chi Town and we’ll be catching up with our old mates at Heritage Wines.

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