The Bothy – a warm corner in chilly Edmonton

3.18pm, Tuesday 28th Feb, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

OK – back from the streets, and I’ll pick up where I left off – about to introduce you to a great Scots mate of ours, Doug Townshend. He just happens to own one of the nicer holes in the world that we know about – The Bothy – out on the Calgary Trail here in Edmonton. We met Doug two years ago at our first Yalumba in Edmonton trade show, and he adopted the Signature right then and there with The Bothy only open at the time for 6 months, and has had it on the list since – along with 160 malt whiskys!! It’s one of the best places to hide out when the snowdrifts are piled high across the city – at least that would be a good excuse for why you had trouble ever leaving The Bothy! Here’s the sort of food that Chris the chef turns out – plus they make a magic Beef & Mushroom pie or Chicken & Leek pie – Australian style. The Beef & Mushroom made it onto a recent list of 20 best things in Edmonton list. I shouted our sharp wine boy rep in Edmonton – Curtis – one of these pies for dinner, and he did not speak for at least 10 minutes that it took to put it away! Decision endorsed!

Here’s the meat and condiment plate that we ordered for the wines we presented this trip. You can choose up to 5 options from a good long list, and then the sauces, chutneys and mustard concoctions from a local home cook The Jam Lady get added according to what you’ve chosen.


Going clockwise from the centre : arugula and basil pesto, directly above that is the sweet curry mustard, to the left is the pork rillette, then in the top right corner is the severely fabulous Zinfandel and garlic jelly – magic with the meats and cheeses, down to the Hungarian salami, blazing sweet Chilli and carrot jelly, calabrese salami, honey horseradish, bresaola cured meat, above that is The Jam Lady’s own Branston style chutney pickle, finishing in the top left corner with freshly shaved proscuito. We had the 2009 Y Viognier, 2009 Bush Vine Grenache, 2009 Barossa Shiraz Viognier, 2009 Scribbler Cabernet Shiraz, and the last bottle of 2004 Signature that we retired at two thirds full because we sold the complete vintage out this morning. Each one of those wines found a friend on the antipasto plate!

The good news is that we’ll see Doug and Chris on the weekend, as they’re coming to the Aussie BBQ which is part of the Vancouver Wine Fair program – being held this Saturday lunch time at the Vancouver Rowing Club. But for the record…..we love being on the shelf at The Bothy – nice folks and even nicer hideout! Thanks a huge amount, and we’ll see you boys both Saturday.


PS That’s the 2004 Signature fifth from the left – the long yellow label.

3 responses to “The Bothy – a warm corner in chilly Edmonton

  1. Ashley "Bunneh" King

    hey Jane, Ashley here (from the Liquor Depot in Calgary – Purple hair girl) LOVE the blog! as soon as I get internet I will check it out almost everyday. Great info and stories here! So much fun. Hey 😉 im still saving for newyork haha

  2. Hey Jane thanks for this info = it’s great to see the Scots out there doing great things. I’ll have the roast chicken dinner on at my Bothy when you get home!

  3. Thanks gals – Ashley I am deadly serious about a roadtripmto New York, and when my schedule is set for the back end of the year, I will let you know and the Brooklyn Speakeasy tour is on! Thanks for the support in Calgary, and it should all get pretty interesting across the next 5 days at the Vancouver Wine Fair.

    Jan – as far as the chicken dinner goes – yep – I’m definitely free that day!

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