Dippy Eggs at Ike’s in Minneapolis

12.24pm, Saturday 25th Feb, South 6th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Just about to head out to the Yalumba vs The Old World red wine tasting lunch, but this a quick one for Robin, who owns and runs our new distributor in Chillyville – my new name for Minneapolis! I know it’s not been much of a winter by local standards – this time last year they’d had 9 feet of snow, this year only a few inches! – but I’m very grateful all the same. It’s 20 degrees F out there in the bright sunshine, which is MINUS 6 degrees C … and I’m getting all of those minus bits!

But I headed out for breakfast a few doors down the road at Ike’s Cocktail Bar with their famous brunch. You start with a “gooey caramel cinnamon roll the size of your head”, but I went with two poached soft runny eggs and toast that I buttered myself and cut into ‘soldiers’ or strips – to dip in the egg. So here you go Robin – this is what Dippy Eggs & Soldiers look like. All I needed was some Vegemite on the soldiers and it would have been the breakfast choice of champions.


Here’s the sticky bun I didn’t eat………


One response to “Dippy Eggs at Ike’s in Minneapolis

  1. Jane, thank you for your kind words but in truth the only thing I own is the good fortune to work with an amazing group of people, which in practice make me a very wealth person. It is my intention to practice the dippy soldier breakfast, but no worries I will save my second taste of vegemite for your next visit!
    Sorry I missed Lee’s…next visit.
    Safe travels!

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