Blue Plate Viognier breakfast with Dave and chef Joan at Scusi

11.11am, Scusi, Mac Grove neighbourhood, St Paul, Minnesota

OK – Viognier breakfast with the Blue Plate folks … done! We just had a whole roomful of the servers and managers from all seven restaurants in the group sit down for Joan and Dave’s version of an Australian breakfast – with baked beans, pork sausage, scrambled egg, and a scone. Dave also had a jar of Vegemite out so people could taste our famous national treasure toast topping on fresh baguette … with salted butter! Have a look:


We showed the Y Series Viognier, Eden Valley Viognier, Y Series Shiraz Viognier, Eden Valley Shiraz Viognier and the Museum Muscat after breakfast – and it’s been a great way to introduce a lot of these younger restaurant folk to our Viognier world … with food.


These restaurants will all be introducing some sort of Yalumba Viognier moment onto their lists, so find us here:

Here’s Dave with his Vegemite and Museum Muscat, Stephanie and I after the whole thing. Now we’re on to the offices of our new distributor The Wine Company to do an introductory seminar on Yalumba for their customers, so here we go …


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