Winter Wonderland Calgary

7.32am, Monday 20th Feb, Centre Street, Downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Morning folks, I’ve just poked my nose outside to grab this picture of the fresh snow – the pins of light are the ‘falling lights’ display that’s put on at this time of year. It’s like snowing liquid Christmas globes on a wire web above the street, and looks really pretty above the real thing…..and there’s the odd few flakes flurrying around in there as well. Today is a public holiday throughout Canada, but our new distributor in Alberta – Linda Robinson and the Pacific Wines & Spirits crew – is taking me around the stores this afternoon. On top of that we have a sold out consumer ‘ tasting with food’ at the Willow Park Store – a wine shop with a commercial kitchen that does food and wine classes on a regular basis.

So we will be having a good look at Calgary – Canada’s genuine ‘Cowtown’ and happy host this year of the 100th anniversary of its world famous chuck wagon and everything wild wild west get together – The Calgary Stampede. Only thing is we’ll be doing it very slowly in the snow and ice. Good day for me NOT to have a rental car!

See ya when we’re at Willow Park, plus I still have one Brooklyn and one Toronto restaurant to catch you up on.



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