Goodbye Toronto … for now!

11.49am, Sunday 19th Feb, still at the airport in Toronto – new gate # 20

We’ve been delayed folks, and it doesn’t look good, as were scheduled to leave originally at 12 noon, and they’ve changed us to another gate – but there’s still not an airplane in sight, and worse still, our crew is sitting here with us – making themselves really comfortable! This is why I count traveling as a work day! The good thing is that we catch up time going west to Calgary, so with any luck we’ll get in before dark.

But it’s a nice day here – wish it was like this yesterday at the Falls instead of overcast and sleeting.


PS thanks a heap Pearson Airport for the free wi fi throughout the airport – it makes a difference!

One response to “Goodbye Toronto … for now!

  1. Dear Jane,

    Thanks for the delay update, will pick you up at the Calgary Airport later today. +2 C in Calgary out in the Wild West! Looking forward to a glass of Yalumba Y Series Viognier at the Hyatt Calgary with you,
    Linda Robinson, President, Pacific Wine & Spirits

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